Sollatek ,MultiGuard MGX-4UB 1.5m , 4 Way Surge Protection Plug, 2USB, 230V

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Nominal Voltage: 230V
Current Rating: 13Amps
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Mains Spike Response Time < 10ns
Mains Spike Discharge Amps: 6.5kA
Spike Protection: 220J
Protective Mode: L-N
Cable Length: 1.5m


The Sollatek Multiguard MGX-4UB is a 4-way protection strip. On 4 protecte
outlet, the Multiguard MGX-4UB has a maximum power of 13 amps.It protects
against spikes/surges and is ideal for all electronic appliances and is
especially useful for computers and ideal for home use with video,TV, Hi-Fi